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Understanding Joint Pain and How to Manage It

Whether it is on your neck, shoulders, back or knees, joint pains can make it impossible to perform your daily tasks and if left unattended, it can culminate into something more severe. It occurs due to injury to the tendons or ligaments holding the body parts together. Inflammation to the joint can also be a cause of the pain.

Arthritis, often linkable to joint pains, is common in those who are overweight. This is because the additional/excess fat produces inflammatory substances that contribute to joint pain. Greenorganic stocks tested and effective arthritis relief supplements which might help with your joint problems.

Possible Causes of Your Joint Pain:

Keep reading for more some useful information to help you understand where your joint pain problems might be originating from.

  • Bad Posture: If you maintain a poor posture, it will lead to the misalignment of your spine and exerting of pressure on your joints. When you eventually try to adjust, you’ll probably feel a stinging pain on your back muscles which may persist. Always sit upright or find a properly adjustable chair to promote good posture.
  • Carrying Loaded Backpacks: The pain you feel on your neck, shoulders or back is probably caused by the weighty backpack you carry. This is due to the strain the load places on your back and shoulders and this also interferes with your balance and movement. Always pack only what you need to lighten your load. Avoid putting all the weight on one shoulder. Carrying on both shoulders help distribute the weight.
  • Irregular or No Exercising: With most of our activities conducted indoors (thanks to COVID pandemic), you’ve probably found yourself on the couch or on your computer for longer hours with minimal exercise. Even when confined inside, you can still work out by doing regular stretching. This will improve your flexibility and relieve your joint pains. Even with your mask on, you can still manage that evening walk or morning run to warm up your muscles and joints.
  • Raised Footwear: Ladies who are used to wearing high heels will often complain of pain in the knees or back of the legs. These shoes put plenty of strain on your leg joints and also puts you in dangerous misalignment. Ladies who wear heels frequently may increase their risk of developing osteoarthritis as well. Unbalanced pressure will not only lead to joint pain but also put you at risk of falling. You should minimize your use of these kind of shoes for more comfortable ones like sneakers that reduce chances of developing joint pains. 

If you notice symptoms such as difficulty in movement, visible swelling, reddening, stiffness in your joints or muscle crumps, visit us for the best arthritis relief supplementsas we are always stocked with the best remedies to ease your pain.