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5 Ways to Increase Testosterone Levels in Men Naturally

In male adults, healthy levels of testosterone are essential for general health, body composition, sexual function, and even decreasing the risk of diseases. Boosting the amount of testosterone can also result in rapid gains in muscle mass and vitality in a matter of weeks. There are supplements to increase testosterone and various ways that can help you increase testosterone quantity naturally in your body. Some of the popular ways of boosting testosterone levels are discussed below: 

  1. Regular Exercising and Lifting Weights

Exercise is an effective way to prevent various lifestyle-related diseases and, interestingly, it can also help in increasing your testosterone levels. Studies have shown that people, including the elderly, who exercise regularly has usually higher testosterone levels. Resistance training and HIIT are often considered effective exercises to get better results. However, it might take time for you to achieve the desired results.

  1. Reduce Your Stress Level

A lot of stress and worrying about random things all day long on a regular basis increases the levels of cortisol hormone. When there are unnatural elevations in this hormone, it ultimately reduces your testosterone level. When one goes up, the other comes down. Besides, stress and high cortisol can also increase your food intake, weight, and harmful body fat, which in turn, negatively impact your testosterone levels. Thus, it is highly recommended to eat a diet based on whole foods, have a good sleep and laughter, and lead a balanced lifestyle.

  1. Take Vitamin D Supplement

While getting soaked in natural sunlight can be harmful these days, taking vitamin D supplements may help you boost testosterone levels naturally. Nearly half of the population in the USA is deficient in Vitamin D. According to a study, supplementing with approx. 3,000 IU of Vitamin D3 per day can increase testosterone levels by around 25%. In the elderly, the combination of Vitamin D and calcium helps in optimizing testosterone levels, which in turn also leads to a reduced risk of falling.

  1. Make Your Diet Rich in Protein, Fat, and Carbs

What you eat on a daily basis has a dramatic impact on your testosterone as well as other hormone levels. Thus, you need to focus on your long-term calorie intake and diet strategy. Constant dieting or overeating can disrupt the level of testosterone in your body. While taking protein in a sufficient amount will help you maintain your health, it can also be associated with increasing testosterone levels. Carb intake also helps in optimizing testosterone levels during resistance training.

  1. Take Organic Supplements for Testosterone

Going with the option of natural and organic supplements for testosterone is often the best option as they provide the best result with little or no side-effects. According to a 2011 study, aromatase inhibitors can effectively improve testosterone levels in adult men as well as the elderly. Therefore, they are becoming an attractive alternative for traditional testosterone boosters. Plus, the study also stated that the misuse of aromatase inhibitors is unlikely.

If you are also looking for a more holistic organic vitamins and supplements to increase testosterone levels, then follow the above tips to achieve the desired results.