organic supplements for high cholesterol
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With fast life, people have forgotten what it is like to eat healthily. What it is like to be fully refreshed and work with all the energy they have. The fast-food is actually making us slow. Obesity, heart problems, diabetes is becoming a new norm.

Hence it is essential for people to be educated about cholesterol. About the food you eat and what effect it can have on your physical and mental health. It is easy to eat your way into a high-cholesterol diet. But the reverse is true to. You don’t need to make any drastic changes in your diet to reduce cholesterol. Many people commit the mistake of drastically changing the diet and then complain about not able to handle it.

In my opinion, there are so many natural ways through which you can accomplish this task.  While switching up your diet is a good indicator of your being on the right path, there are few other things you can try, like some supplements are best known as organic supplements for high cholesterol. If you combine low cholesterol food with these supplements for high cholesterol, you will surely see a significant difference in your Cholesterol getting under control.

Here are 5 Organic Supplements for High Cholesterol

Fish Oil: Fish is rich in two heart-healthy omega fatty acids, EPA and DPA. In concentrated form, these fatty acids are the main component of Fish Oil and can be used as a supplement for high Cholesterol.  Research has shown that people consuming fish oil supplements have lower levels of triglycerides, the third component of your bad cholesterol. Actually fish oil works better if you have a high level of triglycerides. Many types of research have recommended that people who need to reduce the triglyceride level in the blood should take at least 2 to 4 grams of fish oil every day. Actually fish oils are one of the best supplements for women health.

Garlic: Garlic is the member of the onion family that is available in extract, pill or its natural state. Garlic has been known to reduce LDL from your blood which is commonly referred to as bad cholesterol. But the effect of garlic tends to remain only for 3 months, Hence for long term effects, you need to add garlic as a part of your daily routine. It must be your go-to food as organic supplements for high cholesterol. What many researchers recommend is that you should add both the natural form and extract from in your diet. Aged garlic extract, in particular, has shown to reduce the LDL from your blood.

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Niacin: Niacin is a B Vitamin Product that occurs naturally in meat, fish, and dairy. Experts have known for decades that Niacin has a significant impact on lowering the cholesterol level. Many studies have shown that regular use of Niacin supplement has shown a significant lowering of Bad cholesterol and triglycerides. But its most notable effect is found on HDL. The consumption of niacin has increased the level of HDL (Good Cholesterol) in your bloodstream. But the consumption of Niacin should be restricted to 2 to 3 gm per day. There are over the counter drugs available in the range of 500 milligrams or more. Niacin is the best organic supplement for high cholesterol if your aim is to increase the level of HDL in your blood.

Red Yeast Rice: Red yeast rice is a type of fungus available in rice extract and is known for its medicinal properties. Compared to that of dairy products the effect of red yeast rice supplement is the best supplement for high cholesterol. Various Red yeast studies have been shown to lower the level of LDL by 20% to 30% from your bloodstream. But experts recommend you avoid taking off-the-shelf products of red yeast rice due to safety concerns.

Soy Protein: Soy protein is a natural pigment available in tofu, edamame, and soy milk. It is also available in its extracted form as pills and powder.  Research has suggested that 50 grams of soy protein is necessary to reduce cardiovascular diseases. It does by lowering the LDL in your blood. But compared to other supplements mentioned the effect is fairly moderate. Soy is also rich in estrogen, so it is the best supplement for women.


With our daily schedule being so hectic, it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain your daily nutritional needs. Hence instead of taking some extra measures in our already busy schedule, we should try to replace our unhealthy food habits with such organic supplements for high cholesterol. Instead of taking some drastic measures, you can slowly change your diet towards more healthy food. All the above-mentioned Cholesterol reducer supplements are available in their natural form as well as extracted over the counter drug from. So it won’t be difficult for you to find them and include them in your diet.

organic supplements for high cholesterol

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