As a professional tennis player health was always in my mind, once my career ended I was not sure what else could I do in my life, after all, the only thing I been doing since 8 was playing tennis. So after few years of random college courses I settled with biochemistry, as it matched my healthy style of life. But life takes turns in mysterious ways and you never know when knowledge comes handy.

In 2006 my mother of 72 years of age had a massive total full stroke, and from being an active woman she became a speechless quadriplegic. Slowly with a lot of support from the family she recovered to the point of being able to walk with a cane and slow talk.

As time passed by, my mother realized that living with 14 pharmaceutical drugs was getting her worst, as the cane changed to a walker, and from a walker progressed to a wheelchair. Obviously some of the drugs were debilitating her physical state.

One day my mother asked me if I could buy some supplements to replace the most heavy-duty drugs. I did not suggest to go that route, after all I’m not a doctor, but was her decision and with my knowledge I started giving her supplements for her heart, circulation, natural anti-inflammatory, etc.

After few weeks with the new regimen, not only that from the wheelchair went back to a walker, her energy came back and her tachycardia went to normal.

For the first time, she knew that the drugs where making her bad, even though it was necessary for her to take them prophilactically. From 14 drugs 12 were replaced with natural supplements. Only the heart and the blood thinner were left alone.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t happy with the quality of most supplements. Purity and quality was dubious and all have fillers and flowing agents, which I believe makes every capsule or pill less effective, so with my background of biochemistry I started to make to my mother my own blends of supplements.

I could choose the best ingredients, with the right extract potencies…ingredient in perfect synergy. Also fresh made with the best quality ORGANIC ingredients money can buy…today very hard to find. To shorten the story, the success of my mother recovery led my family and friends to ask for more supplements for them. …And from then on I created my supplement company, with a philosophy of care in mind, founded on quality and control, something very difficult to achieve when you sell nationwide.

My mother never fully recovered from the stroke, but she is drug free and still, 10 years later, enjoying life. My commitment to my family and friends carries on in Green Organic Supplements, in business since 2009.

Today with more than 400 proprietary formulas and 500 own products all made under one roof with constant research and clients feedback to keep improving, in order to provide to our customers the best results.

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Julio Yacub
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