Like people, there are metabolisms of many types. Ever notice how your friend Jane can eat all sorts of junk food and stay slim, while if you ate the same food you would gain weight, your mood would change and your stress and anxiety levels might fluctuate?  Jane says “Your metabolism is slower, that’s all.” Well that could be, but a better answer is you have a different metabolism type. According to an article found on the Dr. Oz Show website, each metabolism is affected by food, individual activity and lifestyle differently. It’s important to eat and exercise in favor of your specific metabolism type to control your weight, stress and anxiety levels.


The three generic metabolism types are A, B and C listed below. The metabolism type is determined by the types of food you crave, your body’s general feeling; fatigue, aches and pains, anxiety, etc. and your personality type.


TYPE A: Potato Chip Lover

This type of metabolism has a strong appetite and generally craves salty foods. Occasionally they may find themselves feeling anxious or fatigued. They tend to be talkative and outgoing people, all of this is because of the foods they give their metabolism.


TYPE B: Glazed Donut Lover

With this metabolism, the body is craving healthy carbs. Many times your body translates that into sugar cravings instead. Usually this type has a weak appetite and is dependent on caffeine to get through the day. They struggle with weight and have a sensitive and stressed-out personality, but are generally an organized person.


TYPE C: Anything Lover

The final type of metabolism is a mixture of A and B. Type C’s crave sweet and salty food. Their appetite fluctuates and they have a slight problem with weight control. They feel fatigue anxious and nervous and may suffer with aches and pains in their body.


The metabolism types listed above are summarized from Dr. Oz article Eat Right for Your Metabolism Type, more information of the metabolism types can be found at the corresponding link below, with tips on how to eat for your metabolism type.


Whether your metabolism is A, B, C or neither, your metabolism can be fast or slow. What this means is that if you and Jane have the same metabolism type and eat the same foods Jane’s metabolism might convert the calories into energy and burn fat faster than your metabolism. Some people say that slow metabolisms are the reason for their excess weight, but this isn’t true. A majority of the time the excess weight exists because they aren’t eating the correct food for their metabolism type. People can increase their metabolism through a number of ways through the foods they eat and their daily lifestyles. Increasing your metabolism helps your body burn more calories, replace fat with muscle and increase your daily energy levels, which can bring your metabolism up to the speed of Jane’s. There are many ways to activate or speed up your metabolism. The more effective ways to naturally activate your metabolisms are water, lean meats, green tea, spicy foods, cardio intervals and strength training exercises.


Drinking more water a day is important for your diet and your metabolism. It is such a simple thing to do with countless proven benefits, but is often neglected. Water helps your metabolism because it keeps it active. By drinking eight to 12 glasses of water a day, your metabolism is constantly active even when you’re at rest. According to a Popsugar article, a study done at the University of Utah supports this claim. Along with your glass of water, eating lean meats can boost your metabolisms too.


Lean meats are a great way to get the calories burned. The little extra energy it takes to eat chicken and other healthy proteins can help burn calories and build muscles to burn fats. They also take longer to digest which helps you feel full longer.


Green tea seems to be the cure-all and end-all when it comes to weight loss. In a study published in the The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition drinking about 4 glasses of green tea a day shed the pounds in a matter of weeks. Drinking green tea before bed is also a good way to burn fat while you are sleeping and decrease your morning appetite. More about this subject can be found at our article, Drink This to Win the War on Fat.


Turning up the heat in the kitchen will spice up your metabolism. Cayenne pepper, ginger, jalapeños, cinnamon and spicy mustard all give your metabolism the extra kick to burn fat. Some spicy mustards can boost your metabolism up to 25 percent because they increase the production of fat-burning hormones.


Lastly, the type of daily exercises you do can affect your metabolism greatly. Cardio interval workouts and strength training are the best for your metabolism. Cardio workouts combined with intervals of high intensity training keeps your muscles working harder through the different levels of exercise, according to a study done at Colorado State University. Between intervals make sure your body has enough time to recover so injuries don’t occur. Strength training is another way to build muscle fast which ultimately burns fat fast. It also compensates for muscle loss that comes with aging which is one of the main reasons why metabolism slows with age, according to an article from the Mayo Clinic. Building muscle is a key factor to activating your metabolism and weight loss.


There are many steps to boost your metabolism so you can get the body, energy levels and muscle tone it seems everyone else has except for you. The first step is figuring out your metabolism type. If you don’t figure this out, your efforts may be targeted in the wrong area. After you find your type, figure out what foods will make your metabolism happy and then give it the extra boost with these five natural ways to get your metabolism active, your body healthy, and your energy up.


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