Do you suffer from fatigue, insomnia, problems losing weight, and skin issues? Do you feel drained of energy for no explainable reason? These symptoms can all be attributed to an unhealthy liver.

Your liver performs over 500 functions daily, yet it's often one of the most ignored organs in the human body. Just this year Loyola University Health System researchers found that more people have liver cancer than previously thought.

With the average American lifestyle being full of harmful toxins, the liver has trouble removing them. Many of today's common health problems are a result of the posions forced to remain inside your organs -- including the brain and blood -- because the liver can't do its job. The results can be disastrous, leaving you with one health problem on top of another.

Cleansing your liver should be a vital part of your health regimen if you want to reclaim your health, vitality, and energy. Doing so will clear up many common ailments, decrease your risks of getting liver cancer, and improve your liver's ability to function.

The good news is you don't have to go to the doctor and spend hundreds of dollars for a pill that only masks the problems caused by your toxic liver. You can perform your own simple liver cleanse at home using any of the following home remedies.

 1. Dandelion Tea

A tea made from the dandelion roots, taken 3-4 times daily cleanses the liver, colon, and gallbladder with its diuretic properties while also neutralizing heavy metals.

2. Green Tea

Don't underestimate the power of green tea. Not only will it protect your liver from damage, but its strong antioxidant properties have been shown to promote proper liver function and eliminate the accumulation of fat in the liver. Drink a cup daily, using fresh organic leaves.

 3. Olive Oil and Citrus Juice

A mixture made from one tablespoon of organic olive oil and the juice of half a lemon combined with the juice of two grapefruits is an easy, inexpensive remedy that flushes the liver, colon, and gallbladder.

4. Epsom Salt and Grapefruit Juice

Four tablespoons of Epsom salt combined with three cups of grapefruit juice is another powerful cleanser. Divide the mixture and take four times daily.

5. Cayenne and Lemon

A mixture of three ounces of lemon juice, 24 ounces of warm water, 1/4 teaspoon of cayenne pepper, and a teaspoon of honey taken in the morning before breakfast is an instant liver cleanser.

6. Barley Water

Barley water purifies and removes toxins from the liver and blood. Boil one cup of barley in three liters of water for three hours and drink it throughout the day.

7. An Avocado A Day

Here's your excuse to indulge in delicious guacamole. Research shows that eating one - two avocados weekly for just a one month period can repair liver damage.

8. A Teaspoon of Turmeric Daily

Turmeric regenerates damaged liver cells, protects against toxic damage, and helps in the overall maintenance of a healthy liver and gallbladder. Circumin, which is found in turmeric, prevents the development of cirrhosis. Half a teaspoon of turmeric powder (or two teaspoons of fresh, grated turmeric) with warm water twice daily is recommended. Add black pepper for better absorption.

9. Consume Garlic Daily

Garlic is a potent antioxidant that activates detoxification. Consume the cloves raw to flush the liver and protect it from damage. The World Health Organization recommends 2 - 5 grams daily.

10. Ginger

Ginger promotes normal liver function and protects against liver problems. Ginger tea can be taken daily to keep the liver clean and to maintain liver health. Simply add one teaspoon of ginger to warm water or tea.

11. Chicory Root

Chicory root helps maintain a healthy liver, and is used in the treatment of liver disease, jaundice, and gallstones. Drank as a tea, it'll also cleanse the colon. To make the tea, simmer dried chicory roots for at least a half hour and drink daily. The dried root can also be boiled and eaten as a vegetable.

12. Burdock Root

Burdock root purifies the blood, detoxifies the liver and digestive system. Use two peeled, chopped burdock roots simmered 12 cups of warm water and drink daily.

13. Licorice Root

Licorice root protects and strengthens the liver, neutralizes harmful chemicals often present in the liver. A tea is made with one cup of dry, chopped licorice root boiled in two cups of water.

14. Milk Thistle

Milk thistle detoxifies and protects from liver from damage. It's one of the most common treatments of liver problems such. The typical dosing is 500 milligrams of milk thistle daily in supplement form, or add two droppers of milk thistle extract to eight ounces of boiling water.

Don't forget the importance of maintaining the health of your liver, in addition to cleansing. To do this, include plenty of raw, cruciferous greens into your diet and consume citrus fruits regularly.


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